Staying fit in the new year

When talk of getting in shape and losing weight increases, January has officially arrived and is full of New Year’s resolutions to start anew. At UVM, there are many paths available for students to find this desired healthy lifestyle. There are two dietitians on campus who students can access for free, Alyssa Consigli, a registered dietitian at UVM, said.”Focus on eating wholesome, less-processed foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains,” Consigli said to those who are trying to eat healthier. She recommended as an internet resource for students interested in a healthy diet.When questioned as to whether or not there were foods she considered “bad,” Consigli did not think that there was such a thing. “Healthy eating leaves room for having a moderate amount of those fun foods,” Consigli said. Heather Torrey, a junior dietetics major at UVM, believes this statement as well. “Everything in moderation,” she said. “I think that is something that people hear often.” Concerning health through weight loss, assistant coach for Saint Mike’s Swim Team, Laura Matuszak said, “We have definitely seen people lose weight from swimming as long as they are doing it at the proper intensity and are doing it consistently. “I would always recommend that anyone doing any exercise should, in addition, do an amount of strength training to make sure all muscles are being worked,” Matuszak said.Another advocate of a healthy lifestyle is Aleksandra Townsend, the coordinator of the UVM fitness programs, including UVM group fitness and fitness courses. “We offer belly dancing and tai chi, activities that are really unique [and] we want people to have fun and try new things,” Townsend said. According to Townsend, 42 group fitness classes are offered every week.”You pay for every single program since the programs must be self-sustaining,” Townsend said, but students do get a discount. A group fitness pass for students, one that allows unlimited group classes for the semester, costs only $65, while a pass for UVM staff/faculty costs $75. For students who want more intensive one-on-one instruction, Townsend recommended a personal trainer, which can be provided through the UVM fitness program. “Students can sign up online for a free half-hour orientation,” Townsend said. At its core, “my program’s goal is to promote health and wellness, instead of physical appearance” in addition to “feeling good about yourself and exercising for the health benefits,” Townsend said.Annie Cressey, a Health Educator at UVM, said that students looking to lose weight should have “the mindset of creating a healthy lifestyle,” not merely losing a few pounds.She said “to set more holistic goals like deciding to run a mile instead of running ten minutes.” Cressey emphasized the need to “be smart” about exercising and “to think about the consequences of doing too much.”