Student in a Coma

Mike Milmoe, a University of Vermont sophomore, caught avirus that attacked his heart. On Sept. 12, Milmoe was playingflag football with friends, when he collapsed suddenly to theground.He went without oxygen or blood to his brain for about 75minutes and he lost his pulse for almost an hour, doctors said.Milmoe has been in a coma ever since.The paramedics said Milmoe’s pulse was on and offfor an hour. “The doctors said chances of this are about as good as being struck by lightning,” stated the website that Milmoe’s family regularly updates.Milmoe’s brain had too much swelling initially for a proper reading of his MRI. The doctor was able to tell that his brain still has visible activity, according to the website.”When I heard about Mike I was in absolute shock,” sophomoreBritney Mailhot said. Milmoe was Mailhot’s neighbor for the first semester of school.Milmoe was transferred from Burlington to Boston on Sept. 13 for hospital care. The first goal for Milmoe was to have his heart start to work on its own and to be taken off the heart pump, stated the website.His heart began to function correctly the next day, so he willnot need to have a heart transplant, according to the website.Milmore underwent surgery for his tracheotomy on Sept. 21.A tube was inserted to help him breathe more comfortably. Thesurgery was a success. He hasbeen resting under heavy sedatives ever since the surgery, stated the website.Plans are beginning for Mike to be transferred out of the ICU toa long term rehab and care facility, stated the website.The UVM community has Milmoe in their thoughts and in their prayers, as seen by the hundreds of messages of support on the website.Students have made bracelets in his honor. The bracelets costfive dollars and will be sold all over UVM’s campus. All of theproceeds will go toward helping the Milmoe family.The website that Milmoe’s friends and family created to update Milmoe’s condition can be found at