Student wants clean energy for the future

Thanks to Alma Arteaga, the energy we use in 2040 could be a lot cleaner. UVM student Alma Arteaga helped create a Declaration for Clean Energy that was presented at the International Climate Negotiations on Dec. 7, a press release stated. Arteaga was one of 170 activists of the Students for a Just and Stable Future, an organization of university students across New England, who joined heads to write the declaration, she said. The declaration calls for the U.S. government to pass legislation to eliminate the use of fossil fuel over the next 20 years. It also demands a decrease in carbon dioxide and coal output, Arteaga said. The students’ aim is that by 2040, the U.S. will not rely on coal and fossil fuels for energy, and the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration will be less than 350 parts per million, she said. The declaration was presented to international leadership in Cancun, Mexico, Arteaga said.