Students apply for lofts

Searching for off-campus housing may be something that occupies the minds of many students during their sophomore and junior years.                   The Redstone Lofts, which will open in the fall of 2012, is UVM’s newest off-campus housing option for students, but there is already limited availability for next year, said Dave Loehr, Redstone’s marketing assistant.                   “Applications are in for all apartments except for a few four bedrooms,” Loehr said.                   Though applications are in for many of the apartments, there may still be availability, he said.                   “There is a chance that some people [who] put in applications won’t sign the leases,” Loehr said. “We’re not fully leased by any means, but once that does happen there will be a waiting list.”                   The Redstone Lofts offer a centrally located option on campus for students that are eligible to move off-campus, according to their website.  They are privately owned, and will feature in-apartment washers and dryers, common area study rooms and a fitness facility, the website stated.                   “This is the first time we’ve had apartment style facilities on campus,” Dean of Students David Nestor said.  “They’re a more independent kind of living.”                   In recent years, some students who were eligible to move off-campus have instead decided to stay on-campus, Nestor said.                    “Since the Redstone Lofts are nearly full already, I think in the future we may want to consider building more facilities like them,” he said.                   Some students said that Redstone Lofts will provide a nice place to live for their junior and senior years.                   “It makes sense that they’re full already,” first-year Maha Akkeh said.  “If I were a sophomore this year I definitely would have turned in an application.  They seem a lot better than some other off-campus housing options.”                   Other students however, said that the Redstone Lofts would be too much like living in a dorm.                   “I wouldn’t want to live in the Redstone Lofts,” first-year Kelsey Porter said.  “They’re off-campus living, but I think they’re too close to the dorms and I’d prefer living closer to downtown.”                   The desire to live closer to downtown Burlington appears to be a common theme among many students.                   “I’m surprised that the Redstone Lofts are already close to being full,” sophomore Hillary Laggis said.  “I don’t want to live in an on-campus apartment because I think it would take away from the Burlington experience.”                   More information, including leasing applications, is available at