Students Can be Heard in City Gov’t

To the Editor: I write to urge all members of the UVM community to get out and vote in the upcoming Town Meeting Day elections on March 5. I also strongly urge those who vote to help elect Ian Carleton, a Democrat, to Burlington City Council. So many of us who attend UVM feel as if we are visitors to the community of Burlington, revelling in its magnificence and cursing any shortcomings. But we are more than just visitors. We are a part of this city, and we are directly affected by the policies and mechanisms of the City Council and the Mayor’s office. In Ward 1 (UVM’s Ward), elections are decided by a very small margin. The student-voting bloc can decide the election. Yes, you can decide the election; you really can choose your next elected official. You can bring to Burlington what you think she needs and polish what she already has. Ian Carleton provides an incredible opportunity to bring to the City Council the issues that you as UVM students most care about. He has been active in the Burlington community, participating in planning and zoning committees and social justice causes. His affiliation with the University is genuine and unfettered. He understands the student experience and believes in student causes. He has been endorsed by the likes of U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and former governor Phil Hoff. But most importantly, he understands the value of the university and the students for the community of Burlington. As such, he is very willing to listen to us and work with us to achieve mutual goals. Chris EttoriClass of 2002