Students request open dialogue with administration

Students are hoping the administration will agree to participate in a proposed open dialogue about the University’s budget and priorities. Last year’s Waterman protesters face a deadline of Nov. 30 to complete the University-mandated punishment, a written sanction.The sanction was intended to make students reflect upon their actions, Troy Headrick, assistant director of the Center for Student Ethics & Standards, said.Those students who didn’t feel they could adequately express themselves within the sanction’s guidelines were given the option to meet and have a discussion,  Headrick said.Some students want to take this one step further — nine of the 33 students arrested last April are proposing a group discussion with University President Daniel Mark Fogel, Vice President for Finance and Administration Richard Cate and Headrick.Instead of completing their sanctions, the nine students are suggesting the meeting in a letter addressed to Fogel.”Reflection is not a one-way process,” sophomore Luke Neumann, one of the nine students proposing the open dialogue, said.”We want the meeting open [for] the public to watch,” Neumann said. “But keep the reflecting limited to people present that night.”Neumann was arrested at Waterman and was arrested a second time for a bureaucratic error that had him missing a mis-scheduled court date.”[The administration] wasn’t listening when 1,000 students walked out of class,” Neumann said. “We want dialogue and responsiveness from the administration.”Waterman protestor and senior Ben Silverman said that he feels students are left “out of the loop” with regard to the actions and decisions being made by the administration.”With tuition increases are corresponding increases in the size of the administration,” Silverman said.”We are already the most expensive public school in the country,” he said.Silverman said that he feels the need for a better way for students to be informed.”E-mails aren’t working, they aren’t enough,” Silverman said. “We need to initiate some public talk … face-to-face interactions between the administration and the students,” he said.Neumann said that he is looking forward to the meetings.”The University wanted us to reflect individually,” Neumann said. “But we are trying to get everyone to reflect together.”