Students Stand Up call for Fogel’s resignation

According to a press release sent out by Students Stand Up (SSU), the activist group is calling for the resignation of UVM President Daniel Mark Fogel, as well as modifying their list of demands.According to the press release, Fogel ordered the arrest of 33 students in lieu of meeting with them to discuss and negotiate demands previously issued by SSU.”Due to President Fogel’s disturbing and callous response to us, the students, we are issuing a call for his immediate resignation,” the press release stated.The press release also detailed the reduction of their list of demands.”These adjusted demands reflect the core concerns that are the base of our campaign and our new understanding of what is feasible,” the press release stated.The list now includes four points, down from the original 13, which include:1. Revoke all dismissals and non-reappointments thus far issued.2. Terminate all plans for more layoffs and non-reappointments of faculty.3. Establish a democratic process whereby students, staff and faculty have decisive roles in decisions regarding the budget.4. Reduce administrative compensation pool to save as many positions as possible. The administration has yet to comment.