Students warned about downtown behavior

Spring at UVM brings flowers, warm weather and more police presence. There will be a joint effort between Burlington Police and UVM to combat problems related to underage drinking this spring, according to an email sent to the student body. “We want to invite students and residents to join us in our efforts to achieve a balanced coexistence within the community,” the email stated. The Quality-of-Life initiative includes increased police presence, roving foot patrols and events to clean up downtown after weekends, according to the email. “We have coordinated these efforts for a number of years now,” Dean of Students David Nestor said. “We are confident that these problems are significantly reduced by this initiative.” The extra police presence and foot patrols will remind young people in the neighborhoods to keep their behavior within reason, Nestor said. “The foot patrols can more easily spot trouble and respond to those individuals who are out of control or pose a threat,” he said. Nestor said he believes that the relationship between students and police is one of respect and responsibility. “When I have witnessed an officer confronting someone, it is for good reason,” he said. Some students said they feel that the enforcement is welcome as long as the police focus on those who truly need help. “I definitely appreciate them taking our safety into concern,” sophomore Tyler Vock said. “But I hope they don’t target people downtown who are just trying to have a good time.” Students can view the Burlington Police website for off-campus survival tips at