Students watch as UVMtv grows

Optimism and excitement surround UVMtv as members prepare to wow the UVM student body with their new ideas, starting with a partnership with The Burlington Free Press that has created much more exposure for the station. UVMtv’s weekly broadcast of UVM Weekly is now airing on The Burlington Free Press Web site. The show is filmed every Thursday and by Monday it is ready to be watched on the Web site, UVMtv’s Vice President of Creative Development, Anja Sturies, said. In October, the station discussed putting UVM Weekly on The Burlington Free Press Web site, but nothing came of the discussion. With the start of the new semester, and many new changes within UVMtv, the opportunity opened up again and UVMtv immediately took it. “They get a considerable amount of hits a day and they wanted to put our show on their Web site because they wanted the students’ point of view from UVM,” President of UVMtv, Greg Schondelmeier, said. “We thought they were going to put a link in a corner on the Web site, but they put it on the front page.”This new opportunity for UVMtv creates a lot more exposure for us, not only in the UVM community but in the Burlington community as well, Schondelmeier said. As well as their partnership with The Burlington Free Press, UVMtv has other new installments in store for this semester. Last semester, they received $11,000 for a four-channel server that should be running soon.The server will “legitimize UVMtv and help us solidify programming, as well as helping us get more ads,” Sturies said. UVMtv is also working on obtaining the empty space on the bottom floor of the Davis Center. They have put in their request and they are just waiting for a reply from the building manager, UVMtv’s Vice President of Business Operations, Jeremy Baras, said. “The possibility for UVMtv to grow and expand through that space is unlimited because we wouldn’t be just at one desk anymore,” Schondelmeier said. Right now, UVMtv pays by the hour to film in a studio in Rowell. If they move to the Davis Center, they wouldn’t have to pay for studio time any more. Schondelmeier also said it would make them more accessible to the community.”Students can get back to watching us on their TVs in their dorms and they will know when to tune in,” Schondelmeier said. “We will be able to go live whenever we want – breaking news – right then and there and we will have access to all of our channels whenever we want in the most populated building on campus.” UVMtv also recently formed a new executive board that separates business from creative development, Sturies said. “People were giving a lot of great input and we decided to give them more responsibility,” Schondelmeier said. The executive board will help assign people to specific tasks, revamp advertising and develop a schedule of show times, Sturies said. “I am so optimistic with this semester because I’ve gotten glimpses of how great we can be,” Baras said.