Summertime and the living is easy

Summer fashion isn’t only about the clothes; it’s more of an art form that girls have been perfecting since puberty. Since clothing has become second nature, girls have to focus on other aspects. Summer style is a mixture of clothing that is cute, comfortable, and casual, along with make-up, hair, and skin. After all, your skin goes through seasonal changes too. Around this time of year girls start to look like they belong on Laguna Beach. It seems like every girl wants to have the “sun-kissed” look for summer. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Getting the tan you want while keeping healthy can be a problem. Natural tanning is the best way to go. Not only do you get better color, but you get it by laying or playing outside. Using sunless tanner or going tanning works for the colder months, but both have issues attached. As you know, not all sunless tanners will give you the right color. Some can make your skin turn orange, while others can change color while you lay out in the sun. Going tanning works well as a base color but it can be extremely bad for your skin and for your body. Wearing make-up during the summer months is easy. Don’t wear a lot of it. The sun-kissed look is all about incorporating the natural look as well. Unless you’re going to a club or you’re planning on hanging out with Orlando Bloom or Colin Farrell, keep the make-up limited to natural colored eye shadows, bronzer, and mascara. Following the theme, hair should appear to look natural too. As we all know, hair in its natural state does not always look best. Therefore, the easiest way to get a naturally messy, beachy look is to apply gel or mousse to your hair while it’s soaking wet, partially dry it with a towel and then let it air dry. Summer looks aren’t always about looking like you just came from the beach – it is just one of the many paths to take to look your best for the season. The most important thing is feeling comfortable with the way you look. Whether you’re going to see fireworks on July 4th, going clubbing, or hanging out with the crush of the season, make sure you feel comfortable.However, this year I encourage everyone to add something new to your summer style. After all, a new idea can go a long way.