Sun Kill Moon and Plenty of Good SongsSun Kill Moon and Plenty of Good Songs

Artist: Sun Kill MoonAlbum: Tiny Cities Sun Kill Moon’s Mark Kozelek formerly was the frontman for Red House Painters and now has released a whole album dedicated to covers of Modest Mouse songs. The album consists of eleven tracks and focuses on early songs by Modest Mouse, including “Neverending Math Equation” and “Dramamine.” There are three songs from their best album, The Lonesome Crowded West: “Jesus Christ was an Only Child,” “Convenient Parking,” and “Trucker’s Atlas.” However, never once does the listener mistake Sun Kill Moon’s version with the real songs. “Ocean Breathes Salty” is the only track taken from Modest Mouse’s latest album, Good News for People who Like Bad News. Kozelek’s voice does not have the frantic, lispy movement that Isaac Brock’s does, which gives Modest Mouse its distinct sound. Instead Kozelek’s voice is dry and slow making even your blood come to a halt. A cover or two would be interesting to inlcude, but there are too many Modest Mouse songs that are ruined. The entire album sounds like Iron and Wine’s cover of “Such Great Heights.” There is no need to listen to this when you could simply get the real songs, which are much more lively and interesting, and not to mention much better as well. Pick it up at PURE POP