Super Bowl(s)

This past Sunday the Patriots pulled off an amazing, on-the-edge-of-your-seat win over the Panthers. Though a 41-yard field goal for the win with eight seconds left may be exciting, the commerialsduring he Super Bowl could not be overlooked. The subliminal messages Americans look forward to ever year always brings to the game an added enjoyment. Which one can make us laugh the hardest? Which one touches us in that special way? Which one was good and which one truly stunk up the airwaves? Best Commercials3. Clydsedale Donkey – BudweiserSynopsis: This ad features a donkey that wishes to become a Clydesdale Dorse. The Donkey overcomes the odds and realizes his dream.My 2 Cents: Proves the age old saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” How drinking beer fits in is a bit unclear, but who am I to question this uplifting commercial. Time for me to go realize my dreams through the consumption of copious libations.2. Motorcycle, Slow Ride, Car – AOLSynopsis: In this series of three, the crew from the show “American Chopper” use AOL Broadband to soupe up three different types of vehicles. Each one is a parody of the popular series with the message that AOL Broadband is too fast for the real world.My 2 Cents: Not one person could deny the hilarity of this ad campaign. AOL was successful not only of getting their point across, but also made sitting through all of those other aborted attempts at comedic commercials well worth it. 1. Busted Music Downloaders – PepsiSynopsis: This one featured a montage of different teenagers that have been sued by the music industry for downloading music. Basically, Pepsi is kicking off a campaign in which they will be giving away 100 million free songs that can be downloaded off of Apple I-Tunes. There is a 1-3 chance of obtaining a free song under the caps of Pepsi.My 2 Cents: Is anyone really for the record industry suing teenagers? I mean seriously, a 14 year old downloads a couple of her favortie Jessica Simpson songs and could possibly get slapped with a $2,000 lawsuit, that is proposterous. If the record industry really wants to solve the problem, they should stop producing horrendous material that is overpriced and features one good song along with ten other that make my ears bleed to listen to. Finally, the evil empire that is the music industry is challenged by a large corporation. I salute you Pepsi.Worst Commercials3. Preview for the Movie “The Ladykillers”Synopsis: A trailer for a movie featuring Tom Hanks and Marlon Wayans.My 2 Cents: Okay, this commercial may be in a different category than the others, but the wretched filth it advertises cannot be overlooked or forgiven for that matter. Basically, this movie is a continuation of the films that Hollywood continually produces that capitalizes on the stupidity of the American people , mixrd with a ridiculous cast and premise, yet are able to be #1 in the box office. (i.e- “You Got Served,” “Bringing Down the House,” etc) Please Hollywood, I beg you, stop turning America into a bunch of morons fascinated by shiny objects and movies devoid of any artisic value whatsoever.2. Pot Smoking Teens – White House ONDCPSynopsis: Begins with a yound woman appearing moderately smashed at a party. Through a rewinding of past events in the night of this girl, the viewer views the girl puking, partying, and at the beginning of it all, smoking a joint.My 2 Cents: Yet another attempt by the government to make the citizens of this country feel guilty about smoking marijuana. Yet again they fail to make anyone feel guilty, because overall, it looked like a pretty good night in the life of a college student. That and the fact that all the commercials try to pin down marijuana as the culprit, when in reality it is a far stretch.1. Purple Haze – PepsiSynopsis: Features a young boy back in the 50’s trying to make a decision between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They boy ends up with Pepsi and a guitar opposed to a Coke and accordion. Turns out the young boy is actually Jimi Hendrix.My 2 Cents: I am sure a few people found this funny or interesting, but I was appalled. All I can say is, Jimi is turning in his grave at this horrid explotation of his name and music.