1) You are out on a date, and you decide to bring your date to a lovely Italian restaurant. The waiter brings you both to the table. Now a crisis faces you and your skills. What is the first action to take if your companion is female? ( girls you don’t have to answer this one) A) Sit down immediately and compliment her gorgeous eyes.B) Ask her which seat she would like, then take the other.C) Direct her to the seat with the best view and pull out her chair.D) Indicate that you would like to go to “your place” after the meal.2) You are sitting at the table and are having a sufficiently awkward conversation about your interests, when, all of a sud?den, you have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. Yet what do you do with the napkin on your lap? Your next move is: A) Make it into an origami fish and tell your companion she has a striking resemblance to it.B) Set the napkin on the chair neatly and excuse yourself.C) Lay the napkin to the left of your place setting and excuse oneself.D) Stand up and go to the bathroom. An emergency is an emergency!3) Once you have returned to the table with your napkin properly on your lap, you begin to fidget, not knowing the proper way to sit. The proper table posture is:A) Slumped shoulders and the tips of your fingers placed together in a menacing position.B) A straight back with elbows off the table.C) A laid back posture with one arm across the back of your chair and the other on your lap.D) A flirtatious lean forward, as if waiting for a kiss.4) Now that you are done worrying about your posture and have ordered your meal, a new predicament presents itself. You foolishly ordered three courses, yet you are only provided with the customary two forks. By the last course, you will have embarrassingly run out of forks. To maintain the proper amount of forks you should:A) Borrow your date’s fork. He or she won’t mind that much.B) Lick one fork discreetly in between two of the courses and use it twice.C) Wipe the fork off on a napkin, only the restaurant will know.D) Ask the waiter for a new fork at the end of the third course.5) In the middle of fork worrying, your boss decides to call your cell phone to confirm your work schedule for the next week. What should you do if you forgot to put your phone on silent prior to entering the restaurant?A) Silence the cell phone, apologize to your date, and explain that you will return the call later.B) Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and answer the phone.C) Tell your date you must take the call and exit the restaurant to do so.D) Announce loudly that it is your boss calling to give you a raise and answer the phone in the restaurant.6) Meanwhile (this question is for the ladies) you realize that your lipstick has begun to fade because you forgot to use a straw when drinking your soda. You can’t let him realize that your lips really aren’t that red. How do you apply your makeup before he notices the fading? A) He won’t notice.B) Shout “Oh my god, a deer in the restaurant!” and apply the lipstick when he turns to look.C) Put your makeup on at the table. It doesn’t matter if he sees.D) Excuse yourself to the ladies room and apply makeup in private.7) Once the crises have begun to fade, you begin to eat your meal, only to realize the huge bite of soup you ate was too hot. You should: A) Take a sip of water.B) Suck it up, and show your date you aren’t a baby.C) Spit out the food into your hands and put on the edge of your plate. D) Scream and let the food fly out of your mouth.8) After a while, you realize that your date has an extremely delicious looking steak that you would love to try, yet the steak seems out of reach. What is your next move provided your date feels like sharing? A) Stand up and reach across the table.B) Ask your date to cut you a piece and transport it across the table via bread plate.C) Ask him to cut you a piece, then stab it with your fork.D) Have him cut you a piece and then feed it to you.9) The dinner is slowly winding down; both parties are looking forward to the escape or the proceeding date. Astoundingly, you couldn’t finish the entire meal! The rest of your food would make a great lunch the next day. What is the proper treatment of this situation? A) Leave the food.B) Ask for a to-go box.C) Eat the rest of the food. There is no point in wasting.D) Put the food in your napkin to sneak it out.Answers:1) C. To all guys, you should take the initiative to provide your date with the most pampered dinner experience. According to, the seat with the best view is where you should direct your date.2) C. Laying your napkin to the left hand side of the table is the most polite, according to Placing the napkin on the chair is incorrect because the napkin could fall onto the floor. Then you would have a new problem to deal with.3) B. Your elbows on the table crowd the table edge and look as if you are trying to go to sleep. Your date wants an attentive companion.4) D. The waiter will not care if you ask for another fork, while your date would be embarrassed by your licking.5) A. You show here that you value your time with your date, while simultaneously avoiding an angry outburst at your boss.6) D. This way your date will not see your ap?plication of makeup, you will not ignore your date while applying makeup and you will not look foolish shouting about deer. Overall, according to, applying makeup at the table is just plain rude.7) A. Take a sip of water to cool down your mouth, however if you must, suggests you spit the food out onto the fork or into your fingers and quickly place the food on the edge of your plate.8) B. According to “Diner’s Digest”, the transportation by bread plate is the best choice for this awkward situation. On the other hand, an even better solution is to have the restaurant split your date’s meal and your own meal so you both can try each one with ease. 9) A. you should leave the food since it is rude to take a to-go box, according to, and you cannot steal the restaurants napkins.