Take Hallmark out of Valentine’s Day

Every February 14, the entire American society is divided: those who have sweethearts, and those who don’t. In candy stores, florists and gift shops across the nation, red and pink hearts flood the display windows. This is what all major holidays in America have become: propaganda of huge corporations who intend to squeeze the hard earnings of people everywhere. Has love become equal to a dozen long-stemmed roses? Two dozen? Or maybe three? Has the speedy manufacturing of a teddy bear for 8.99 plus tax developed into the poor excuse for a gift of love? No doubt that on the night of February 13, at least one of your past boyfriends or girlfriends have driven over to Brooks at 9:50 pm for a quick box of chocolates. If this is what love is, we have stooped as low as the $10.00 box of chocolates. Let us not only think of this day as a way of honoring our sweeties, but also our friends and family. Forget the Hallmark card – go for a card made of construction paper and glitter. Forget the Russell Stover chocolates – make some cookies or brownies. And most of all, forget the teddy bear. Give your honey a teddy bear hug instead.