Tax This

Imagine you lived in America and moved to Mexico. Better yet, the country of Manx. Manx is a small independent island nation that lies just off the coast of England (Manx became internationally infamous when it was discovered that Salomon Rushdie had been hiding there for over 4 years). You would live and work under the laws and conventions of Manx. Now please imagine that you still had to pay taxes to the America government. Imagine you lived in a room. Now imagine you moved out of that room into another room. Better yet, a house. If you would please now imagine a system that would have you abide by the same rules (think of an example here like paying taxes, but not necessarily paying taxes) of the previous room in which you lived. In both instances it would seem strange to adhere to the conventions of the former. Why pay taxes to a country you don’t live in? Why follow the rules of the room you used to live in (again think of an example like paying taxes)? UVM would have its off campus students believe that they must abide by the same rules they were once forced to abide by. UVM asks that the police report all off campus incidents to our lovely judicial system. This is one of the most asinine policies I have ever seen anywhere. It is obviously not geared toward the safety and well being of UVM students. It is put in place to intimidate and extort. Every drug/alcohol consultation costs $100. Ask yourself how many students you know have had at least one consultation and multiply that number by three hundred. You would then have a dollar figure that represents one fourth of the revenue UVM brings in from these “services”. UVM can not make money on those students outside of their influence, so they keep us in their net and drain our bank accounts, all while smiling and patting themselves on the back for their commitment to a safer healthier UVM. The strangest thing about this whole situation, is that UVM is doing this blatantly, applauding their efforts, and keeping human filth employed through the office of Judicial Affairs.