Taxisto accept CatCards

It’s late at night, you’re downtown, and you just used your last dollar to get into that party. Don’t worry, that student ID you carry just became your personal chauffer. On Oct. 17, Chair of the Committee on Legislative Action (COLA) Senator Sean McCarty announced his committee’s new approach to campus safety. “We’re trying to get Catscratch acceptable by taxis,” McCarty said. In a collaborative effort with the Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR), the Committee on Public Relations and COLA are striving for tighter campus safety. First in this round of new awareness is an advertised off-campus bus route. To make such an advertisement appealing and straightforward, Senator Kaitie Conrad suggested making a “creative, magic school-bus type map.” Buddy-up posters will also be placed around at local business, such as Nectars and Halvorson’s Caf??, said McCarty. The community’s effort and help to promote safety in the downtown area has been overwhelming impressive, said McCarty. Next on the list is the implementing of CatScratch with local taxicab services. Five cab services have been contact by the CatCard Service Office, said CatCard business manager Lisa Malley. They are: Friendly Fare Cab Service, Venways Taxi, Gabe’s Taxi, Quik Cab, and Yellowcab. Friendly Fare Cab Service and Venways are currently the only ones to adopt the CatScratch idea, said Malley. They will be ready for service by this Wednesday Nov. 1. “They’re getting a great deal,” said Malley. “If they sign up prior to Dec. 1, we’ll waive the cost of equipment, $185, and the joining fee, $125.” “In light of everything that happened, I think it’s a great idea,” said first year Rachel Douglass. “I mean I’ve walked home alone before. But since that happened, I wouldn’t walk back alone. Ever.” Every student can have an impact on the decisions being made about campus safety. “We encourage people that if they want to learn more about safety issues, to ask an SGA Senator or contact the Office of Community and Student Relations,” said McCarty. “We can and should do everything possible to address this issue of student safety off-campus and on campus as well.” Malley also stressed the point of student interaction. If anyone knows of any other local transportation service that hasn’t been mentioned, they can contact Malley at her office at 802-656-4501.