Taylor wins presidency

James Taylor was announced as the new president of the Student Government Association after two days of elections, according to Election Chair Emma Grady.The sophomore from Virginia and Student Action Chair defeated fellow sophomore Michael Glynne.According to Grady, Taylor received 528 votes compared to 187 for Glynne.Joining Taylor in office will be junior Josh Miller who received 557 of the 715 overall votes Grady said.”I am psyched,” Taylor said. “I could not be happier and I am really looking forward to next year.”The main difference between Mike and I [is that] I expressed a real desire to strengthen the unity of SGA and the clubs and I understand the purpose of SGA is bigger than the 40 person senate,” he said.Glynne, the current Speaker of the Senate, was frustrated by not being elected but sees a bright future.”Obviously I am disappointed , but Jay is a good friend and I told friends that he would be a good candidate and I look forward to working with him,” Glynne said. “Jay will make a good president.”