Terrible Tube

To the Editor: I just wanted to voice a gripe I have with UVM’s cable situation. I understand that we are privileged enough to have extra channels-but what’s the point of having the extra channels when most of the shows I watch are on basic television? For instance, a tradition of mine is watching Saturday morning cartoons on the WB, including Yu-Gi-Oh and X-Men. I was astounded to find out that I can’t watch these shows on Saturday morning because our WB network is shared with FOX. I have never heard of anything like this. Another example of this crazy cable is the Jimmy Kimmel Show. It’s a really funny show, but a lot of people would never know because it gets cut off halfway through every night to be replaced by an infomercial. I wonder, what would the broadcasting network would think of that? Anywho, I just thought it was appropriate to voice this frustration. Is anyone with me?Chivon Anderson Class of 2005