The Francis Colburn Gallery

The Francis Colburn Art Gallery will be showing a 35 year retrospective of prints made by UVM artists. The prints range in scope from a bumper sticker proclaiming “Nothing That Fits On A Bumper Sticker Is Worth Believing In,” to a print of a multi-colored David Bowie. “The prints on display show the wide variety of art UVM student have been, and are, capable of,” commented Karen, UVM sophomore, “I like the Dada print, but I really liked the censorship print especially. Art should never be censored.” Although many students have expressed their satisfaction with the exhibit, there are a few students who feel the exhibit pushes the boundaries of acceptable art too far. “I just thought some of the prints were a little extreme,” said Jenna, UVM Junior, of the 35 year retrospective, “But I understand they represent the changing social and political world we live in, I just thought some of them were a little more graphic than they needed to be.” Also feeling the exhibit pushed boundaries was Ken, UVM freshman and art enthusiast. “I feel like a couple of the pieces were a bit too kitsch for my tastes,” Ken said. “It was interesting seeing the shift in the political world and how it was addressed by these artists, but I still feel like some of the pieces were shown for their shock value.” However, the exhibit enjoyed plentiful reviews of both the negative and positive nature. “I think that the fact people are talking about the exhibit, shows just how influential art, and print making, can be. Even prints made over 35 years ago, can still evoke a very real response in the viewer. It’s a testament to the art itself,” Commented Nick, a UVM sophomore and Art major. 35 Years of UVM Print Making: A Retrospective, will be shown in the Colburn Gallery.