The Greek rush

It’s fall at UVM. Students are making choices about what classes, friends, and organizations they participate in. One of those choices is to join a Greek society. Some students have planned on joining a particular society because they are a legacy or a student might just like the movie Animal House, just like the choices for students the reasons for those decisions are myriad and divergent. References to Greek life can be spotted throughout the UVM campus. First-year students are exposed to it from the day they move in, since fraternity members assist them on move-in day. Greek life at UVM consists of 8% of the student population. “Sororities can’t even have parties,” said Alexandra Cronin, a student at UVM. Cronin never considered joining a sorority. “Maybe if it was a small school and that was the way to make friends, but its not my thing.” “There are girls in the house that knew they wanted to be in one from the start, and others thought they would never be in one,” said Erin McElaney, a UVM junior and sister at Alpha Chi Omega. “Most only think of the social aspects. It is also a way to get involved and give back to the community. Our house’s philanthropy is to raise money for battered women and also cystic fibrosis. I know many people say that joining a sorority means buying your friends, but these girls have become my home away from home.” “It seems backwards. You sign on to be friends with kids before you even really get to know them. It seems like it should be the opposite,” said Christopher Bloomfield, a student at UVM. Michael Wooten, a UVM student, did consider joining a fraternity. Wooten not only considered the social aspects of joining the fraternity, but moving off campus early and getting involved “I wanted to do something with my life,” said Wooten. “I was motivated by the community service, the scholarships, and also the anticipated connections.” “Looking back on it, I am glad I didn’t join. My lifestyle would not have worked with it. It would be a different life. I love my friends and probably would not be as close to them” Pete Hendee, a student at UVM and brother at Alpha Gamma Rho, never pictured himself in a fraternity. Now, he would not change the decision to join. “Coming into my third year here, I realize that its about the future. I joined something that can be very good and if you are in it for the right cause than you realize its more than just your four years at school.” As with all things, it is important to consider all of the angles and make an uninfluenced decision. There are many things to check out on campus, Greek life being one of them. It is the start of a new semester, and a start of a whole new set of choices.