The Invisible Man

To the Editor: Why write something in criticism of another and then sign yourself anonymously? Too embarrassed?! Why deny yourself credit? Is what you wrote so bad that you can’t reveal yourself? Can’t support what you’re saying? You don’t want to have someone write to you the same way you’ve written to that person? Why should the Cynic publish your editorial? Should they because you’re making a point or because your words are just hilarious? Obviously you’re not proud of what you wrote or you’re just too scared to associate yourself with your convictions. So why say anything at all? Why step out and announce your views with a paper bag over your head? You’re just making a fool of yourself. Then again, who knows who you are for you to be made a fool? And that’s exactly the point you’re trying to make. You don’t want anyone to know that those words were from you, right? In my view, you’re just making a weak statement. Then again, this is all strictly my opinion. I was assigned by my teacher to write an editorial, but I didn’t want my name published. I thought that the editorial was a stupid idea. I told her that if I were going to write this that I would then want to sign my name anonymously. I didn’t want someone writing back to me. I was after all merely writing this because I was told to do it. I didn’t want a controversy started over something I wasn’t interested in. Then it dawned upon me. I saw what my teacher was saying: She wanted us to step back, speak out and say something in front of an audience. However, the goal was to do it without shelter from fellow readers. It was to be done without a helmet or a facemask, but rather to show the crowd “who’s boss.” In contrast to all those who remain nameless, I’m taking a bold step-I’m signing my name.