“The Last Recruitment”

I’m responding to the article “The Last Recruitment” by Daniel Puskar about Army recruiting on campus. The author chose to ignore some rather important facts about the US military and recruiting.First, it’s not illegal for recruiters to reach out to college students. Reading an email from a recruiter is no different than reading the weekly email spam that promises easy money by being a “mystery shopper.” If you don’t want to enlist, just delete the email.Second, the author states that: “They [The Army] conveniently forget to mention the fact that … in all likelihood new recruits will end up in Iraq.” If you are enlisting in the US Military, you should be smart enough to realize you might end up in Iraq — when enlisting, a recruit pledges to defend the US against all enemies “both foreign and domestic.” I think that includes going to Iraq, don’t you?Finally, the author inferred that the email suggested an impending full-scale draft. I seriously doubt the government and US citizens would allow a full-scale draft these days, and it is misleading for the author to make such rash statements based on a single email.The US military isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean recruiters shouldn’t be allowed to do their jobs. Don’t like it? Don’t enlist.~Caroline ColeClass of 2006