The Light Of My Life

Were you enticed and therefore fooled by the mock change of seasons presented by the wily Vermont climate two weeks ago? Never fear-we all were. And misery loves company. But Sunday marked the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, and extra daylight can never front-it’s gotta be genuine. Yes, the snow and the frigidity can be deceptive. You may think that the extended period of lucidity is but a result of your end-of-year exhaustion tricking you. However, this is not the case. Later hours of glorious sunshine are no joke. They are the real deal. Soon come the end of the cold for sure. That day will arrive, friends. Slowly but surely. Until then, though, please hang in there. We realize that it seems as if the year’s finish is oh-so-far as a result of this nuclear winter dilly our spring’s been laying down on us. Yet, we can assuredly say, people, do not fall for such tomfoolery. Our promise to you is that the year is honestly almost done. The school days dwindle. Time marches on. The sky lights up longer, later. But tasks and duties a la mandatory academia are numbered. What a beautiful truism. Granted, one is made to feel almost awash in a guilt uttering such exclamatory statements pronouncing the imminent cessation of this year’s schooling. But lies are not those rolling off your tongue! You are not spouting mistruths! Your temporal sensation is right on even if Vermont’s is not! We do solemnly vow that you will not encounter the fate of yon Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day gone snowy. No time warp has been cruelly bestowed upon your head. You really will be home free soon, soon. Sooner than you think. Those of you who are graduating are never going to have to live it up blizzard-in-April-style again, if you do not wish to. Fancy that! As for the rest of us, we will be experiencing far more warmth than we now are in a few short weeks. Fo’ shizzy. In the meantime, grind your teeth if you will, but finish your work. Do not become dismayed with spring’s way slow approach. Do not fall victim to your frosty li’l toes, confused in the face of this freakish, delayed season of rebirth. Students and teachers and friends among friends alike-the going may now seem rough, but soon enough, the pace will slow down as it always does with the sweet ease of summer. A summer that is now but a twinkle in your eye, true, but a summer that will materialize just as you once did from the mere glint sparkling in your parents’ eyes.