The line up

There are more things going on in the world of sports than just O.J. Simpson’s conviction in the Las Vegas robbery case. Look to The Lineup for the goofy stories that get lost in the headlines. This week’s theme: setting the college football stage.Facing the musicAmong the many suspensions in the world of sports, there is one that I find particularly interesting: the Wisconsin marching band.I really really wanted Ohio State to win this week and they did, snapping Wisconsin’s three-year winning streak at home. One of the many things I take comfort in this weekend is the fact that the Badger band is being investigated on accounts of hazing and was suspended for the Buckeye game.After a hazing incident was reported last year, causing serious damage to the school marching band’s image, the university has to take this account seriously and come up with alternate measures to deal with these reports.It seems to be the first time since the early 1900s that Wisconsin’s marching band isn’t playing at a home game – it threw the Badgers off enough to let Ohio State streak past them.While I’m not about to stand up for Wisconsin, I will say there are probably better ways of looking into the hazing allegations than prohibiting the band from playing. There is such a strong emotional factor that marching bands can bring to a game. Too bad the Badgers didn’t have it; they could’ve used the help against OSU.Signs are up in VirginiaAfter students threatened to wear blue instead of orange to Virginia’s game against Maryland, Virginia’s athletic director reversed his ban against signs, banners and flags.It was certainly the rather embarrassing loss to Duke – one of the worst teams in the ACC – that took fans’ displeasure overboard.The school’s football program faced growing unhappiness from fans this season and the ban’s reversal is intended to increase student support and school spirit for the Cavaliers, who are not doing too hot in the ACC.Perhaps welcoming signs back to Charlottesville will help the ‘Hoos, but only time will tell.