The man behind the name

Students may have heard the name of the newly elected Student Government Association president, but many do not know the person behind it. Julian Golfarini has the pulse on the student body and knows what the average student is thinking, SGA Vice President David Maciewicz said. Other students said they would describe Golfarini as personable and caring. “You can introduce yourself to him once and he’ll know who you are,” junior Will Vitagliano said. Vitagliano also said that Golfarini is a very dedicated person. “Julian’s really worked hard to get to where he is,” he said. As a 22-year-old transfer student from St. John’s University, Golfarini said he planned to make the most of his time here at UVM by participating in extracurricular activities. “[At St. John’s] there was no sense of community, and that is a main reason why I transferred,” he said. “I wanted to get involved and find cool opportunities.” Golfarini said he is the first SGA president to be Latino, a transfer student and from the Community Development and Applied Economics Department. SGA president is not the only thing that defines who he is, Golfarini said. Before becoming the voice of the students, he was an active member with UVMtv, an AdvoCat tour guide and an avid intramural soccer player, he said. “I really like to play sports,” Golfarini said. “That is the reason why I like Vermont, because there are so many things to do outside.” He said he also enjoys hanging out with friends, playing the occasional video games and eating meat. In the future, Golfarini plans to go to graduate school and said he would like to study in Europe if he can. “I try not to keep it too planned because you don’t know the opportunities that are going to arise in your life,” he said. While Golfarini said it is important to be prepared sometimes, he tries to live in the moment and not get too caught up in the future. “It gives you a really good center and keeps you even-keeled,” he said. “Tomorrow’s not guaranteed, and although that’s really cliché, it’s true.”