The Republicans are Organizing? Just Imagine the Possibilities….

Wahoo for the Righties! The Republicans on campus are finally organizing. Wahoo. The whole campus must be holding its breath. Think of the possibilities. We can finally get a public meeting on why our civil liberties are wrong, dirty and how our founding fathers are turning over in their graves that any American would ever want a single one. Or hey, even better yet, they can follow the lead of other conservatives on other campuses and bring in (who I would absolutely call a racist) David Horowitz, who can finally explain to all of us why exactly African Americans should stop whining. Maybe the group will focus more on education and show us reruns of Newsnight with Aaron Brown; the second political voice on our campus has finally arrived. Maybe a talk on the economy would follow, stating why the stock market is doing great if you stand on you head. Oh wait, better yet, why rich people need more money and poor people are bad and why we love the Bush tax cut. And to top if off, their faculty advisor, Professor Kaufman, will lead the hearty bunch. Hmmm, you’re right, renaming Old Mill the Kissinger Complex is an idea whose time has come. I guess the Democrats are also organized on campus. Haven’t heard much from them; they’re probably busy enough working the party hierarchy, petitioning Gore to shave. Good luck. But since one of your members had to go dry in the mouth last semester refusing to debate the left, maybe what could happen first is (if the rest of the Republicans help): defend Enron. Defend Cheney’s decision not to turn over relevant documents. That is, if you can. You might be too occupied squealing over the fact that you can finally get university funds to make hundreds of copies about how I am the best case for abortion you ever met. I think those who really want to get politically active know where to go: Students for Peace and Global Justice Thursdays at 7:00 in Lafayette 111. I think those who opine about the supposed lack of political difference on campus know that getting a different view about Iraq from the former UN official Denis Halliday this Thursday is priceless. And I think those on the left are clear that some of the best defenders of justice are socialists.