The UNC Demise

It is getting to be that time of the year where your tournament bracket is almost as important as that midterm paper you have do. When filling it out this season though, you might notice that something will be missing, something in the shade of Carolina blue. Unless a miracle takes place and they some how manage to win the ACC tournament, the University of North Carolina will be sitting home this year, watching. The Tar Heels have already eclipsed the most losses ever in a season at Chapel Hill, with 17 and still three regular season games to go, not to mention one of those being some team named Duke. To give you some kind of idea of how Carolina has fallen from the power that they are, lets look at two games. UNC and UVM have had two opponents in common this season, Ohio and Binghamton.Binghamton, who was Division II until this season (14-14 last year), went down and almost pulled off an upset early in the year, only losing by one 61-60. Lets fast-forward now to just last week, when another UVM opponent, Ohio sent a message with a 86-78 victory.You wonder how Vermont did against these two? The Cats beat Binghamton twice (83-80 at Binghamton and 86-71 at home), and beat Ohio 91-79 at the Florida International tournament. So is this the end of North Carolina’s reign? No, it is almost certain the Tar Heels will be back. They have had some issues that could be the reason for the ‘Carolina blue’ that their fans are feeling, including three different coaches in the past five seasons and many players leaving early. Playing in the ACC doesn’t help either when it is your time to have an off year.