The Yankees Will Not Make the Playoffs This Year

With opening day for New York Yankees looming on the horizon, it has become apparent to me that the Boston Red Sox fan around campus are right, the Yankees are going to suck this year.Where shuld one begin? With the procurement of Alex Rodriquez, the chemistry of the team will surely be thrown into chaos. I mean, A-rod is a great player, but surely he will turn into a sub-par player due to his position change from short stop to third base. I can’t possibly see how he could play well under such harsh conditions and will most likely have a horrible season.Now, the outfield will be composed of Hideki Matsui, Kenny Lofton, Bernie Williams, and Gary Sheffield. Only three players can play the outfield at a time, and it seems only correct to believe that so much athletic ability will surely collapse under its own pressure.As for the infield, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, Enrique Wilson, and Aaron Boone have way too much slugging power to suceed. Inevitably, the overwhelming capabilities of such a lineup will lead to an implosion that I, as well as all other Red Sox fans, have been praying for and dreaming of nightly ever since their loss in Game Seven of the Championship Series. Plus, there is Derek Jeter. I just plain don’t like Derek Jeter and therfore this logic leads me to believe that he will have a horrible year just like the past four consecutive years that I felt the same way.