This play was made for you and me

Filling the FlynnSpace, audience members were all connected by their love for American folk legend Woody Guthrie.Originally created in 1988 by Peter Glazor, “American Song” is a compilation of Guthrie’s songs and writings infused with a theatrical presentation of his life. The audience surrounded the intimate stage decorated in a simple yet fitting 1930s Southern style where five performers stood, dressed to match the stage setting.They performed beautifully, taking turns between singing to narrate Woody’s powerful words that spoke of the devastation people faced in his time.The blend of folk violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass spoke a haunting and powerful story of a man who spoke out against the wrong his country faced: the government’s neglect, the deportation of immigrants and the jobless, hungry masses left with nothing but the dust.Director Mark Nash spoke of many of these problems, such as the poor treatment of those who need help from our government: “…I think it’s the obligation of all artists, and indeed all Americans, to keep our leaders honest and to keep their attention on the less fortunate in our community.” Overall, the night was filled with momentus music reminding us of a man who stood for an even more momentus cause.