Three more holiday paydays for the staff

Staff members may have an special holiday this season.


All staff members will now receive three days of extra pay during winter break, totaling 11 paid vacation days, according to the Office of the President.


The University has provided staff with the days off on an ad-hoc basis for the past 8 years. However, this year it is becoming institutionalized, professor Daniel Fogel said.


“When we first implemented these changes, we initially ran into some issues, but we have worked out the bugs,” Gary Derr, vice president of executive communications, said. “We think it is the right time to make the changes permanent.”


Some issues they ran into dealt with the College of Medicine, since it is jointly staffed. About half of the employees are Fletcher Allen and half are UVM, Derr said.


“I came from a university that already had these benefits in place and I found it odd that UVM did not provide these benefits,” Fogel said.


He said that the changes have meant a great deal to a lot of people on the staff, who are now able to take trips with their families that previously would not have been possible.


“It is very gratifying to make it possible to give staff extra vacation time,” Fogel said. “I am glad and pleased that the interim president acted positively on this.”


Some staff members said they were thrilled to hear about the changes.


“This will be wonderful,” Stacey Lantas, Office Manager of Harris/Millis said. “It is a tremendous benefit for the staff. It is very generous.”


Derr said that besides the staff benefit, there is also a financial benefit, because it saves UVM money.


“Not too much goes on during those days,” Derr said. “Registrar has completed grades and there are no food services. Most of the University grinds to a halt.”


Derr said that interim president John Bramley is pleased to make these benefits permanent.