Through Rain, Sleet or Snow-UVM Dining

Tom Fondakowski, Dining Services manager of Harris/Mil-lis, along with other staff mem-bers there and at other dining halls on campus put extra time and effort in during the storm to feed campus residents. Fondakowski stayed over-night Wednesday along with two other workers, unit chef Gale Coleman and cashier Shirley Philips. Fondakowski said that two dining hall workers on Trin-ity campus stayed overnight as well. In addition to him having to stay at work overnight on Val-entine’s Day with a wife and two kids at home, Fondakowski men-tioned other hardships during the storm, including delayed deliver-ies, food shortages, shoveling out the dumpster and recycling ar-eas themselves, and keeping the dining hall clean. “99 percent of the students were grateful,” Fondakowski said and mentioned how a lot of students thanked him and others for their efforts.