Ticked off’ with lack of privacy

  Student privacy doesn’t seem to be on the top of SGA’s agenda this week.   At the SGA meeting Jan. 31, Chair of the Student Action Committee Ian Goodnow used a student’s name when he summarized one of the Tix-Me-Off student complaints.   Tix-Me-Off is a service that allows students to submit comments or complaints to the SGA through their website.   The submission that was read at the meeting was one written by former senator Jonathan Lott.   “I sent them a Tix-Me-Off telling them that if they want truly informed student opinions, then they should provide students with the legislation itself,” Lott said.   In an email correspondence with the Cynic, Goodnow said that the submissions were not public; however, Lott’s submission was read out loud and his name was included in the discussion during a public SGA senate meeting.   “They aren’t anonymous,” Goodnow said to the senate.   The wording on the SGA website might lead individuals to think otherwise.    “Should the Chair forward your comments on to administrators or other students, your name will not be included,” the website stated.   The SGA constitution does not specify whether or not submissions will be anonymous.   Lott said he was not bothered by the fact that his submission was discussed publicly and has instead taken issue with how the website may make submissions seem private.   “It’s not even that big of a deal to me that they exposed my name, seriously,” Lott said. “It’s just a problem that they have on the website that your name is going to be kept anonymous, and they didn’t do that.”   Although Lott’s submission was not a private one, he sympathizes with others who might have more delicate issues to discuss.   “It might be [a problem] if the complaints are sensitive,” he said.