Too Much Time In Overtime

Saturday I was able to eat all the Halloween candy my roommates bought for trick o’treaters that I had hiden while I watched the seven overtimes of the Kentucky-Arkansas matchup. The final score was 71-63 and lasted three hours and fifty-five minutes, or the same time it took Diddy to run the city. When the game was over I was physically unable to move which gave me a chance to ponder something while I slowly slipped into a sugar induced coma. There has been a trend in overtime games lately that has been a concern to me. What are all these overtimes showing society? Is it alright to get extensions on time when the job is not done within the allotted amount of time? Are deadlines becoming a thing of the past? Will our lives just become one giant overtime period? Let’s dissect this word ‘overtime’. Over comes from a Greek origin I think and it means the opposite of under. Time is something that is drawn out and lengthy. So over time something will get done. “We are in no particular rush to accomplish anything, it will get done overtime.” Seven overtimes in a football game seems a little unrealistic to me. With 60 players on each football team, wouldn’t it make sense that after a full hour one team could find a way to have their score be at least one point more than the other? An unlimited amount of overtime only eases the pressure for the teams to have the higher score when the final time expires. UVM’s men’s and women’s soccer team won the same amount of games they tied this year. Nine wins and nine ties for both teams. Are we encouraging mediocrity amongst our athletes by allowing the time to expire without a final result? During halftime does Roy Patten hand out orange slices and say, “Don’t worry about winning, just do as well as the other team and neither one of us will have to lose.” With all these overtime occurences I began to institute some overtime periods into my life. Take Monday for example: my alarm went off at 9:30 am, but I wasn’t done sleeping, so I slept overtime and missed my 10:35 class which I had a 12 page paper due in. I called my professor and told her that the due date for my paper was going to go into overtime. She then told me that my college career at UVM would more than likely be going into overtime also.