Top 10 Albums of the Year

WRUV’s Top 10 CD’s of 2003 that you MUST know about. Bekah Zietz, Music Director of WRUV, says that these 10 CD’s will rock your lame ass, because they rocked her’s…1) Death Cab For Cutie, Transatlanticism: Lo-Fi Indie Rock that is simply a masterpiece. I have been a fan of this band for a long time. Musical Indie rock Perfection. 2) The Postal Service, Give Up, Sub Pop: Electronic Indie Pop Bliss. No matter what mood you’re in, you could pop this CD in and feel a sense of complete and utter happiness.3) Rainer Maria, Long Knives Drawn: ?There is nothing like love songs for lovers coping with love. Caitlin De Marrais (lead singer) is not afraid to belt out a tune, even if it is not on key and that is cool.4) Radiohead, Hail to The Thief, Capitol: Each album Radiohead releases brings this band to an unreachable musical level that few will ever achieve. Hail To The Thief is a textured musical masterpiece.5) Belle & Sebastian, Dear Catastrophe Waitress: This album has been cooked toperfection with whimsical lyrics and sweetly gentle pop licks that always finds me longing to dance, even when I don’t feel like dancing. 6) Broken Social Scene, You Forgot It In People, Arts & Crafts: This is what you get when Canadian Post Rock rockers from Godspeed, Silver Mt Zion and KC Accidental form a band…uber pop for anti -popsters. 7) Ted Leo, Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead, Look Out Records!:Retro Punk rock that is innovative and engaging. Who needs Red Bull when you have Ted Leo?8) The Shins, Chutes To Narrow, Sub Pop: ?Somehow The Shins have found a way to master the of art Psychedelic pop rock with out being cheesy. 9) Steven Malkmus, Pig Lip, Matador: ex- Pavement front man goes solo and sings about Oysters…need I say more. Malkmus, I love you.10) Cat Power, You are Free, Matador: Saltry and Seductive. There is just something about Chan’s voice and lyrics that is both eerie yet comforting at the same time.