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Mall shooting shocks Kenya

An Islamist terrorist group in Kenya known as al Shabab stormed the Westgate Mall in Nairobi Kenya on Saturday leaving at least 62 dead and 200 more wounded. The group has been threatening to attack Kenya in retaliation for its leading role in sending troops to Somalia two years ago. Source: NPR, The New York Times.  

Attack kills 78 Christians

A suicide attack on All Saints Church killed at least 78 in the largest attack on the Christian minority in Pakistan in multiple years, in Peshawar Sunday. The attack occurred while over 600 people were leaving the historic church in the regional capital. Source: The New York Times. 

Court reveals private world

Secret recordings revealed former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s candid feelings about the revolutions that started preceding his ousting in an appearance in court earlier this month. “The Americans started working on it in 2005, and I had a feeling then,” he said. Source: The New York Times

Israel gives U.N. warning

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is planning to warn the U.N. next week that the nuclear deal with Iranian government could likely be a trap. Iran has seemingly peaceful intentions, but it could all be a ploy to get a massive amount of nuclear weapons from Syria and use them for their own needs, Netanyahu said. Source: The New York Times.