Trashy Hoopla

To the Editor: I would like to put my two cents into the proverbial money bin. What exactly was the purpose of the article about the “Freestyle Litter Club?” I honestly believe it to be one of the most ridiculous and wasteful articles I have read from this newspaper to date. To have a club founded on the principle of students dumping garbage on Redstone Green so as to oust those hula-hooping, swirling hippies is just flat-out stupid. I find it pathetic that a person even took the time to write an article on such a topic. He wasted his precious time and precious energy and most of all, he wasted some of the UVM ink and newspaper supply. Now, my main issue is this: Why did the author of the article feel the need to be so passive-aggressive and write the article? If he wants these hippies to hula-hoop elsewhere (so as not to “mar” his view), then why didn’t he just ask them to move? I am sure that these hula-hoopers would not have been confrontational in any way, shape or form. In fact, I bet they would have complied and moved to another location. But to claim existence to a club created to chuck garbage around campus just for the sake of it is absolutely ludicrous. Article writer out there: Learn to stand up for your own thoughts, act on them and don’t write silly articles hinting at the things that put thorns in your side.