Trees and Oxbrained people

To the Editor:An opinion piece by a “Ken Lawless” (no such name in student/staff directory) that appeared in last week’s letters had no basis in fact. If s/he had read the emails with which the administration has seen fit to cram our inboxes, s/he would immediately have noted that the number of trees to be cut down or relocated is NOWHERE NEAR the 241 s/he quoted us. But, as usual for the folks here in their protest mindset, “Ken”, under the protection of a pseudonym, felt under no obligation to check out his/her facts. If s/he had, s/he would have been able to tell us all that many of the trees set to be removed are trees that have been slowly rotting away since the Ice Storm of ’98. The memorial crabapple trees will be relocated, (If I ever die and leave a ton of dough to this school, (a big if) I don’t want them to plant a freakin’ CRABAPPLE TREE in my honor!!) and some of those overgrown hedges surrounding Ira Allen’s statue will be pruned to a reasonable size. Most exciting is the idea to potentially re-introduce the proud Elm tree, which was extincted in many american cities during the 1960s. That should be a very welcome sight to all ‘branches’ of tree lovers. “Ken” opened and closed the letter with silly namecalling. In light of his/her grasp on reality that is dubious to say the least, I’d like to invite him/her to reconsider who the “oxbrain” truly is. Sincerely,Guillaume (In the student directory) McDowellClass of 03.5