Trinity woods set ablaze

When University officials saw a fire behind Mercy Hall on April 23, they expected that to be their only problem — until they saw a threatening note.The note was left by the fire, which was constructed by residents and was intended to last the entire evening, an e-mail from Brian Hooks, resident director of Trinity Campus, said.”The note that was left behind was intentional and specific,” Assistant Director of North and Central Campuses Tomas Sanchez said. “There was a definite twist in my gut after I read it.” Sanchez said that he was worried for the safety of those involved because of the specificity of the note that was left.”I understand that someone may be upset about their fire being put out, but what I am more concerned about is somebody went that extra step and wrote a very specific threatening note to a community member,” he said. “Is that a community you would want to live in?”Because it is against UVM policy to create or build a fire, this was a direct violation and the individuals responsible will go through the judicial process, Hooks said. If it is a violation of state and or federal law, the individual may be held criminally responsible as well, he said. “This is not the type of community that we have built,” Hooks said. “Threatening or harassing an individual goes against everything that we stand for as a University and community.”