Tuition and Financial Aid

I think it is important for anyone who is considering doing a study abroad opportunity or any activity resulting in taking a leave of absence from UVM to know about the problems you may face with financial aid when you try to return. I spent the fall semester on a study abroad program not affiliated with UVM, so I had to take a leave of absence. I was told, promised and guaranteed by the financial aid office that my grant for the spring semester would automatically be reinstated upon renrollment in January. Unfortunately, when I returned back to the US in December I found out that my grant was not infact reinstated and my parents were offered a $10,000 PLUS Loan and I would have to take out a loan for the remaining tuition. All of this was discovered less than a month before the semester was to begin. A PLUS loan was not an option for my parents and one of the main reasons I can afford to go to UVM is infact because of my grant. Needless to say I was forced to extend my leave of absence for an additional semester, pushing my graduation date back even further. So I am currently going to a public university in my home state and if my major were offered here I would have transfered from UVM to finish here, unfortunately that is not an option. I just wanted to make other students aware that if they take a leave of absence they could also be in for an unpleasant surprise and a major disappointment when they attempt to enroll again. This situation has made me have a different view of UVM and I definitely do not speak highly of my school as I once did. Eliza Patry Class of 2005, now class of 2006