Tuition Remission Offered to UVM Employees

UVM employees are given a number of benefits, depending on salary and on the benefit choices each employee makes.

By law, UVM splits Social Security and Medicare taxes fifty-fifty. UVM also pays state unemployment and workers’ compensation.

The University pays for most medical coverage and the premium paid by the employee is based on a percentage of salary of the employee’s salary. Dental, life, and long-term disability insurance are shared expenses depending on the choices made by the employee.

Tuition remission is paid for by UVM, which means that employees can take courses for free.

Staff may take up to fifteen credit hours (which is equal to five courses) per year. They may choose from any UVM courses – undergraduate and graduate. If an employee began their undergraduate degree but never finished it, they may take courses towards graduating. They can also take graduate courses towards a graduate degree.

UVM also offers University Training and Development courses specifically for the staff. These courses, with topics like “leadership, supervision and management,” “computers and technology,” and “communication and customer service,” are designed to help employees better their professional skills.

Upon gathering this information, I wondered how many UVM employees actually take advantage of this chance to take courses, so I made some phone calls. After speaking with seven different people from Human Resources, the Benefits Office, the Registrar, and Continuing Education, I still had no information.

Each person I talked to sent me to someone else and that someone else never had the answer either. I thought someone would have recorded statistics on how many employees take advantage of this benefit. It was disconcerting to find out that no one has.

It would be interesting to know if employees take advantage of this valuable, free opportunity. If they don’t, then why not?

Although tuition remission doesn’t completely make up for wages, it certainly is a way that employees can benefit greatly.