I am a concerned student here at UVM. This past Thursday, William Blum was on campus to give a lecture about America’s foreign policy. He stated that “… among them [myths] is the idea that the U.S. government in its dealings with foreign peoples actually means well, that its intentions are noble. I say that is a flawed belief.” I take action with this. Blum’s books have even been recommended by Osama Bin Laden and other anti-American figures. Does anyone else find that a terrible thing? He believes in “…slow[ing] down, if not trying to stop the American empire to keep it from continuing to carry out all the terrible things that it has done in the world.” I believe that this man is a danger to the United States and he should not be filling American students’ heads with dangerous propaganda. I am a member of the Vermont National Guard and my brother is in the U.S. Marines. It is hard to hear the people that we are protecting bash the country that we have vowed to die for. When Blum says that no one killed in Afghanistan is linked to 9/11 and that that means they should not have been killed, he is terribly wrong. When my brother is driving down the road and someone shoots at him with the intention to kill, he deserves to die. Anyone that wishes harm to the United States or its people is dangerous and should not be given any sympathy. I believe that Blum and anyone that shares his opinions are irresponsible cowards. I am writing this because I hope to bring light to the University of Vermont because I feel that this University is turning into a breeding ground of secular- progressives and needs to be stopped.Thank you,Phil Harrington,Class of 2010