UVM alum wants yor vote for a healthy enviroment

It is hard in today’s political atmosphere to find a political candidate so grounded in their morals and values, and when you find that candidate it is impossible to disagree with their plans.Being as we live in Vermont, a progressive’s paradise,we tend to find that a little more often. It is my duty, however, to alert the University of Vermont community, whether you vote in this state or not, to one of the brightest young stars to walkonto the political stage.Her name is Rachel Weston, she is running for the State House of Representatives, and she is a recent recipient of a master’sdegree in public administration from our fair halls.Rachel is joining the political scene to, as she says,”offer a fresh perspective.”This is a mantra that is often heard throughout politics from candidates that are trying to gain ground amongst their constituency; however it is rarely often backed up. Mostly because one 45 year old male lawyer generally has the same opinion as the next one entering politics. That being said,Rachel is different and, her passions are certainly different.She is a bright young woman, who spent time as a public school music teacher.Where she stands on the issues also has a breath of fresh air. Her main focus is the environment. We, as students, are now part of a community that has set its sights on becoming a player in the forum of environmentally profound schools. Rachel is the candidate to represent us.She wants clean energy, livable wages, and affordable healthcare for all.Healthcare is a powerful issue in all neighborhoods, and Rachel understands many aspects of the healthcare industry growing up with a nurse for a mother. For our society to move forward she says, “We need good healthcare for all.”One may wonder how we at the University can aid Rachel’s cause. Well, voting for her would be a good first step. Weston also urges the students at this school to disseminate their knowledge into the community.We must take the valuable knowledge that we acquire through our wonderful opportunities for education at this environmentally astute school and spread it throughout the community, through activism and volunteering.It is important for our voices to be heard throughout all halls of legislative bodies, and to have our issues be represented.Sending Rachel Weston to Montpelier is one of the best ways to ensure that. She is a true representation of the youth’s voice and concern, and after November will take our voice to Montpelier.