UVM compost finds new, temporary home

Students’ uneaten Grundle food will no longer be transported to the usual composting site. The Intervale Center, a section of farmland in Burlington dedicated to preserving agricultural resources, stopped accepting compost from the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) at the end of February, according to the WCAX website. UVM’s food waste, along with all other compost in Chittenden County, is now brought to a temporary collection point in Williston, the website stated. “UVM will have [its compost] picked up by a hauler,” Tom Moreau of the CSWD said. “The hauler will just bring it to Williston where we’ll transfer it for the interim time.” These new composting regulations are a result of an agreement made in 2008 between Vermont’s Attorney General and the CSWD, the Burlington Free Press reported. In 2007, there was concern that the Intervale compost was polluting nearby water and disturbing Native American artifacts in the soil, the Burlington Free Press reported. The CSWD agreed to stop accepting compost at the Intervale by March 1, the Burlington Free Press reported. A new composting facility is expected to open in Williston by June or July, the WCAX website stated. In the meantime, all compost will be distributed from the temporary location in Williston to Middlebury and Moretown, according to the website. CSWD will pay for the transportation of 45 tons of food waste each week to the new composting facilities, the Burlington Free Press article stated. “We don’t want people to start thinking this waste is going to be landfilled,” said Paul Stabler, South Burlington district chairman. “We have our foot in the door with composting, and we’d like to see it increase.”