UVM Dems look to “take back the White House” in ’08 election

The UVM College Democrats have already started preparing for the late 2008 Presidential elections. They are “initiating a comprehensive program of voter registration, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment in anticipation of the fall election,” said Vice-President Eddy Foster. “All we have planned is voter registration at this point,” said President Ryan Krodel. “Eventually we’ll plan a get-out-the-vote effort to get kids to the polls and make sure out of state students get and file absentee ballots,” he said. The group “has not and will not endorse anyone besides Democratic nominees, and any work members have been doing for Obama, Clinton, Edwards or otherwise has been purely extracurricular,” Foster said. He added that many of the College Democrats have been working for campaigns and are “excited to take back the White House in November.” Although the College Democrats are the only recognized political group on campus due to the de-recognition of the College Republicans last year, Krodel stated that they “aren’t in control of the campus for national political groups.” “Many students are independents, and may have liberal leanings, but do not wish to register with a political party,” he said. “There are also several student groups that support primary candidates, which we aren’t necessarily involved with,” he said. The group is focusing their efforts on local elections to prepare for the national elections in November. “We will be first sharpening our teeth with the upcoming local elections on Town Meeting Day by working to re-elect City Councilor Ed Adrian here in Burlington, as well as working for other Democratic candidates,” said Foster. They then plan to “carry this momentum into November,” Foster said, and use all of their resources to support the Democratic Presidential candidate.