UVM develops options to house incoming students

UVM’s plan for reducing the effects of the budget deficit includes an addition of 300 students over the course of 2009-2010.

This will add an additional $5 million to the 2010 budget, according to the initial budget assumptions, distributed Dec. 12, 2008.

Former-dorm McAuley Hall — bought by UVM in 2002 as part of the Trinity College acquisition and since used for office space — was approved by the Board of Trustees to accommodate new students for Fall 2009.

Director of Capital Planning and Management Robert Vaughan estimated that McAuley Hall could potentially hold up to 200 students, although 160 is more likely.

“We’re also looking at possibly moving some RA rooms around to be more efficiently used — that could give us about 44 more spaces,” Assistant Vice-President of Student & Campus Life Annie Stevens said. Additional housing may be available at UVM-owned apartments and family housing in Colchester.

“If all of these plans that ResLife is looking at and the campus is looking at, we should be good, we should feel a very similar experience as we have this year,” Stevens said.