UVM Health Network switches to electronic records

UVM Health Network has been working to improve patient care for years. Finally, they have reached an advancement in electronic health records.

According to a Jan. 3 press release, UVM began implementing an electronic health records system in 2008, called Epic. The transition to the Epic system ended in 2010.

This year, UVM requested a grant for a $112.4 million from the Green Mountain Care Board.

The Green Mountain Care Board is a Vermont government organization. Five appointed individuals make collective decisions regarding health care in the state, like the allocation of health funds, according to its website.

Dr. John Brumsted, president and CEO of the UVM Health Network, said the new system will unite clinical, registration, billing, scheduling and insurance information into one system, which will enhance the overall patient experience.  

The single platform will allow for quicker access to more reliable patient information, Brumsted said.

Two of the systems currently in place at the UVM Medical Center need to be replaced, as they are over 20 years old, he said.

Senior Ian McHale said he thinks the new system will improve patient experience because it will be easier for professionals in all fields to pull information.

This switch will have three main effects: consistently updated and accurate information, the ability to schedule and pay online and the ability view health and insurance information in an online patient portal, MyHealth Online, Brumsted said.

Patients can see testing results and communicate with their providers in this portal, too, Brumstead said.

The biggest effect is that the unified electronic health record system will enhance communication and collaboration between UVM Health Network providers, as well as and those not employed by one of our hospitals, Brumsted said.

It will also increase the security of patients’ information, he said.
Transitioning to the universal Epic platform will finish 40 months after the Green Mountain Care Board approves it, the UVM Health Network press release stated.