UVM Kicks Off Semester With Winter Blitz Activities

Winter Blitz 2003 ran this past week, starting Sunday January 12 and ends with Anna Devere Smith in the Ira Allen Chappel on Thursday, January 23rd and the film Red Dragon in the CC Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 25. These events are sponsered by a cross campus collaberation, incling Student Life, Campus activities team,University Bookstore, Outing Club, ASB, VIA, UVM Hillel, Alpha Phi Omega, Center for Cultural Pluralism,Cats Meow, Hit Paws, Provost office, SGA, and Top Cats. Activities including hotdogs and a concert by the accapella groups outside the Royal Tyler Theatre on campus, and a free bus to Bolton for night skiing. The hotdogs were good. “It was consolation after spending six-hundred dollars on textbooks.” Adam Rossler, after enjying the snack provided by Student Life On Saturday, a free bus was provided to Bolton as part of winter blitz. Despite one injury on the slopes, where a female student hurt her ankle, the night progressed without incident. “It was crazy fun.” exclaimed Tanya Tersillo after hitting the slopes, a student who almost didn’t make it on the bus. Though the bus to Bolton was leaving at five o’clock in font of the Billings Student Ccenter was meant to fit 30 students, room had to be made for some students. Some of these who wanted to go to Bolton almost did not get a seat. The Winter Blitz offered different types of activities for UVM from movies to skiing, speakers, outdoor activities, and concerts. Winter Blitz gave people a variety of things to do the first week of the semester, and gave students events to do despite the low temperatures of the past week.