uvm “liberalism”

Quit Bitchin’, Start a RevolutionBy Alex Torres As I stared at the clock in math class, I saw a cleverly placed Students Against War ad asking fellow students to show Newt Gingrich that he is “not welcome here”. UVM is known as a liberal, open-minded and intelligent campus, so I thought people would be overjoyed to have such a big opponent coming to speak here. No, instead there is a protest to have him not speak. Are we afraid to hear the other side? Is it so terrifying that perhaps, lost in all that conservative bullshit, there is something of substance from the 1997 Time magazine man of the year? I decided that to research Newt and see why he is such a bad person. Wikipedia talks about his political career and the first three paragraphs outlined about how he cleaned up Congress, called out dirty politicians, etc. and this was all in the 80’s and early 90’s. Currently, he is a part of all types of politics, is working with Hillary Clinton on a new health care bill, publicly voiced his disgust with federal response time to Hurricane Katrina, among many other things. I’m not saying Newt is the best and most honest man but maybe we can learn from his experience and knowledge. This is just one example of the problems with the way liberal groups around campus deal with issues. Most of what I hear and see is complaining and trying to bring hatred to the government and this nation. How about there is an attempt to help instead of destroy. Shutting our minds from what we hate does not fix a problem. We need to know the objective, understand both sides and move, in a positive way, towards our goal. Protesting, yelling, screaming…they all do nothing but cause unrest. UVM population as a whole has a ton of heart and we care immensely for those that cannot live our lives, much like our soldiers currently fighting. So lets channel this heart and DO something with it. I absolutely support an active attempt to change but I cannot even respect all the complaining.