UVM Med Student Releases Free Downloads on Website

When James Rustad sings, “I like domestic but I really like imported,” he is not singing about his favorite beer, but rather a wife. His song, “Mail Order Bride” can be found, along with a few of his others at his website, jamesrustad.com. He sings about ordering a bride from overseas only to have her not be able to do anything her ad said, like clean and cook, and she eventually gets deported after a high speed police chase. Rustad is a third-year medical student here at UVM. He is from the Burlington area, but went to the University of Florida as an undergraduate where he has recieved airplay on local radio stations. He has returned to Vermont to study psychiatry and as for his music, he hopes to establish a local following around Burlington and UVM. With his music, Rustad wants to simply entertain people with comedy and satire. On “Boy Band Bad Boy,” which just like all of his songs, sounds like it could have been taken right off of Sublime’s 40 oz to Freedom, Rustad sings about wishing he was the bad boy in a boy band so he could, “Get up on stage and sing some lame assed songs / So I can get backstage and see some thongs.” Other than the aformentioned Sublime, Rustad names his other influences as Lou Reed, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and of course The Beatles. “Hot Dog Party” sounds even a little like some Racid minus all the instruments except a guitar. He sings of a party with “No Ginas, Julias, Jackies, Jennifers, Jills or Geraldines / Just Bobbys, Buddys, Baileys, Barts, and Borises I’ve seen.” He also incorporates an ever-so-common Brokeback Mountain joke, “Men by the fridge men by the fountain / It’s gonna turn into Brokeback Mountain.” Rustad is starting to plant his musical seeds in the area, first by offering his songs as free downloads on his website as well as playing in Living and Learning as a part of the Rhythm and Brews Coffeehouse series this Thursday at 9 pm. Comedy is always a good relief especially when someone is singing about wanting to be in a boy bad