UVM: not so high after all

The weed-smoking hippies of UVM may have helped the University earn its reputation as one of the druggiest colleges in America. UVM landed the 16th spot in a list of the “50 Druggiest Colleges” created by The Daily Beast, but professor Andrew Golub said that he disagrees with the ranking system. “The analysis behind the article is very poorly done and the report is deceptive,” Golub said. “I wish that everyone would take a research methods class and learn not to pay any attention to this type of badly analyzed media hyperbole.” The information that the news website The Daily Beast used to compile the list was taken from the College Prowler website, The New Hampshire stated. The college rankings were based on the percentage of 18-25-year-olds overall use of drugs on a statewide scale, the website stated. Of that percentage two other categories were formed: the use of marijuana and the use of cocaine, according to the website. In addition, the number of students arrested for on-campus drug use and the total number of students of the college were also recorded, the website stated. However, Golub said he felt that the website’s use of information was analyzed incorrectly. “The overall use [of drugs] in Vermont is not necessarily reflective of UVM,” he said.Some students disagree with The Daily Beast’s review of UVM and think that the ranking should be higher. First year Scott Scribi said he thinks UVM is the druggiest school around but disagrees with the rankings that the school was given. “I think it should be higher, like number 10,” Scribi said. Other students said that they don’t like UVM’s drug reputation. “I would be worried that the small percentage of students that contribute to UVM’s drug use negatively impact the academics the school is known for,” first year Chris Scott said. Professor Sarah Turner said that there used to be a huge 4/20 celebration on the green in front of the library, where hundreds of people would gather and light up. “But there has been a concerted effort on the part of the administration to change that,” Turner said.